Turning Archive 2004

Ornament tools--how to use?

Jay Dunham
>Well, I finally succumbed to all of the beautiful ornaments on this forum and decided to try to hollow a ball--just to see if I had a clue. I don't.

Made a neat little hollowing tool out of an allen wrench, fixed it to a nicely turned handle, and went at it. First drilled a hole in the center of my ball about an inch deep. Then tried to ease the scraper into the hole and hollow the thing out.

Well, after a numbing catch, I picked up the tool, which now has a very useful offset shape to it. Turned off the lathe. Congratulated myself on wearing a face shield (even though it didn't hit me in the face). Bandaged up my finger, which somehow took a little scrape and was bleeding a bit. Went back to making the table for my daughter that I was supposed to be working on anyway.

Before I try again, can anyone direct me to the proper grind for one of these tools, and also how to use without risking injury? If it's been discussed, just tell me and I'll search away. I didn't find on an initial search.



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