Turning Archive 2004

Help--Bad Tripoli??????

Barbara Gill, Remlik VA
>I have had my Bealle Buffing System for about 4 years. It has been kept in an unheated shop. I thought I noticed a problem but thought it might be the finish but found today that the tripoli will not load onto the wheel. I trimmed off the end- no difference. I cut it in half- no difference. I threw it against the wall... not really but felt like it.
I know it should not be loaded too much; I also know how the wheel should look after the bar is held against it and it is not happening!!!
I am really not very happy at the moment as Chrstmas is getting closer and I have quite a few items buit up which need a good buffing.
Has anyone else had this happen? Is there anything I can do to the bar to make it work?

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