Turning Archive 2004

Bowl Two of the Current Batch *PIC*

Mark Kauder
>This is the second bowl in the current batch of five. They all start with the same basic design, but because I design my bowl plans with 1.5" wall thickness, it allows me to vary the shape to whatever the bowl is saying it wants to be (fancy artist talk for - if I mess up). The other variation in these bowls is the height of the individual rings and the number of segments per ring. When the grain is dramatic, I like to preserve as much of it as I can, so I go to 12 segments per ring, and 3/4" height (as is the case with is Birdseye Maple and the previous Zebrawood). When the grain is less dramatic, I go to thinner rings with more segments, because that the adds interest that is lacking in the grain.

I usually do not decide on the look of the feature ring until I get there. I also do not decide on the neck until I get there. Both actions makes it interesting, though it slows the process a little.

This one is 10.5" in diameter, 1/4" Wall thickness. The woods are Birdeye Maple, Bloodwood, and Yellowheart w/ black and white veneers.

As always Critiques are welcome. Yeah, I know the photography is marginal.


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