Turning Archive 2004

I stole somebody's idea *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>And I made a couple of boxes in the same fashion. I tried to make different shapes/forms but they all turned out the same way. I was following a tutorial on Pam Reilly's awesome boxes, of which I, er..my wife owns one, and they ain't all that easy! The first one burned well in the fireplace, and so did the fourth one. They're Christmas gifts, I would never sell work that so closely follows the well known shape of another. I tried to do Pam justice but my skills fall short in this arena, and my eyes have trouble focusing in on tiny little finials, even though Wally has no trouble and he is more than double my age.

Tall one is 5" tall, bubinga, shorter ones are ambrosia maple. Finials are blackwood and cocobolo, I think. The bubinga top is one piece including finial. All are sanded to 12000, 2 coats of sanding sealer and then buffed on 3 wheels.

Comments welcomed, but mostly I was just glad to actually make these and realize some skills I didn't have before. A year or so ago all I could make from that same stick of ambrosia maple were solid egg shapes.

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