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Pen bushing question

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA

Quick one here people;

I'm in the process of making some last minute Christmas gifts for the family and need to buy about (32) slim line pen kits. (Nothing like waiting until the last minute, eh?)

Before my Dad passed away, he cut down a large limb from the huge old maple tree that was on the front lawn of the house he and my Mom lived in for 50 years. Since he knew I was a turner, he gave that branch to me. Just this past summer, the tree had to be cut down (it was leaning towards the house). You know, the old house just doesn't look the same with out that tree. My siblings all feel the same way. So, I decided to make the entire family pens from my "Dad's Tree".

Arizona Silhouette has a special on the Berea 24K Plain Kit Slimline Pen kits (#BHW-10) for $1.49 each. That's about the best price I have seen for these kits (and I like dealing with Bill Baumbeck). So it looks like I'm going to buy them.

Only, I don't know if the bushings (p/n: 1A) Berea sells will fit on my PSI mandrel. Anybody have an idea on this?

See ya around,


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