Turning Archive 2004

Dust collection

john Lucas
>I will be moving into a new shop in a month or so. I have a Jet 1100 dust collector that is 1100cfm. I have always run it to whatever machine is being used because I am in a temporary shop. Now I'm moving into my own shop and want to consider running a dust collection set up to each machine. I just saw a letter to the editor asking the same question and they said it wouldn't work as an overhead system, that it needed to run about 3 feet from the floor so that everything was more or less level.

Have any of you run an overhead collection system on a collector of this size? It's really going to eat up a lot of wall space if I have to run it around the shop. It also seems like I would be making longer runs thus dropping the cfm even further.

I was going to run one run along one bench to handle the various strip sanders and miter saw and the other line overhead to handle the table saw, jointer, planer and lathes. Obviously gates are needed to shut off as many branches as possible.

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