Turning Archive 2004

Super Nova Chuck

Donna Banfield
>I have two Super Nova chuck bodies, one for use on my mini, one on my big lathe. The problem I'm having is ocurring with both chucks (one is less than a year old).

Here's the problem, noticed first when turning bottlestoppers. Using pin jaws to hold the wood dowel, I turn the blank with the tailstock up against the blank. When I remove the tailstock to finish the tip of the blank, there is run-out or wobble at the very end. I get an unintended 'swirl' on my work from the tool.

I also get this when I use the 4 prong spur insert that you can use in the jaws. I noticed when the insert is in place - no wood yet - there is a slight wobble at the end of drive spur point.

I have tried reseating the jaws, on either chuck, and that doesn't solve the problem. This happens with the pin jaws and the standard jaws.

Have I overtightened them and warped them out of shape? Has anyone else experienced a similar problem.


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