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With all of the talk about grinders on the forum the past couple of weeks I am going to report on my experience.
I have a woodcraft $89 8" slow speed grinder to sharpen my lathe tools with. I am fairly new to the game and so I guess all of this is part of thelearning curve. The woodcraft grinder probably gives adequate results. However I could never get the stones trued up and there was always some vibration which I just accepted because I didnt know any better. A couple of weeks ago there was a thread, I think from TD that talked about the Delta 23-725 8" slow speed grinder that was being discontinued but still available from Amazon for a good price with free shipping. I ordered one, selected the free shipping which is supposed to take 5-7 days, but it came in 3 days. Unfortunately their was some minor shipping damage to it. While not a big deal, if I get something new, I want it to be right. So I emailed back to Amazon and they sent me another new one, and it arrived in another 3 days. This one was ok out of the box. I just got done mounting it on a board and building the jig to use my David Ellsworth sharpening jig on. I set up one wheel to sharpen gouges on and the other to sharpen my scrapers using the guide that came with the grinder. The Delta grinder is hands down a better machine. There is no vibration and and it just plain runs a lot smoother and does a better job than what I was using before. It looks like the biggest design flaw is in the box and packing material which is kind of skimpy considering that it has to be shipped all the way here from Taiwan or wherever. I guess this experience once again proves that you get what you pay for. And no I am not an employee of Amazon or Delta and have no affiliation with either. Just thought you might be interested. Jared

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grinder report- long
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