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Does anyone use their lathe indexing and

>Hi all

I most likely will be ordering a new lathe early next week. I wonít say what- cause this is not a Gloat. Maybe I will do a Gloat post when it is delivered;-) Those of you that use indexing on your lathes, for designs (not as a spindle lock that will ruin this precision feature) , do you see a great advantage to more indexing increments? The lathe Iím ordering has 48 standard positions & 96 as an option with an additional cost. I have only used indexing several times, but who knows what I may want to do down the road. So, those that actually use indexing, do you see more positions as many as 98, as a real advantage, or extra nice feature,if needed? Also those of you that do any indexing work in your design and have a website with some examples of your work, I would like to see it, if you care to post a link.

Thanks much & Safe turning!

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