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powermatic lathe question

>Life is full of decisions sometimes. I had just about talked myself into buying a 3520 powermatic lathe. At present I am using a Delta midi and having great fun with it, making [and selling] some bowls] pens, etc. I was all ready to buy the new powermatic but just found out there is a school shop auction tomorrow not far away from here that has a powermatic model 90, also a real nice powermatic jointer on it. Can anybody tell me more about the 90, is it variable speed by changing belts? What is the lowest speed it will go to? What exactly is the swing, not over the gap but the regular bed?
And finally would the 90 be looked at as just a stop gap thing until I finally gave in to the lust for a new one, 3520?
I would assume that the 90 will go for $600-$800 and maybe I should just forget that and go for the new one. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Jared
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