Turning Archive 2004

Rockler 25% off Discount & WoodCentral Support *LINK*

John Weber - GO BUCKS!
>Ok guys, with a thumbs up from Ellis Iím going to use my Rockler Affiliate status to support WoodCentral for the month of December. As many of you may know Rockler is offering a 25% discount off any one item until December 31st. If you use this link your transaction will be recorded under my name (I donít know who orders what, just what was ordered), and a small commission placed in my account. Right now my account has $7.33, so anything over that will go directly to WoodCentral. Iím on a quarterly plan that ends in December (I think), so payout will be sometime in the first quarter next year. Again I will forward all proceeds to WoodCentral, it doesnít cost you anything, and Rockler has a great program right now with the 25% off any one item. Iím going to repost this every couple days and see if we canít generate some sizable revenue for WoodCentral. How about a goal of $250?

Thanks Ė John

P.S. Each Catalog request generates $.50, so even if you don't plan to buy anything, you can sign up for a free catalog and help out WoodCentral.

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