Turning Archive 2004

Mounting your grinder?

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Greetings all

For the past four years, my grinder has been sitting on a large table inherited from my grandfather's darkroom. It is a nice sturdy table, and it has a very nice stainless steel top, but it is big and bulky, with very little storage in the one drawer. I am making some major changes in the shop, one of which is building a wall cabinet to hold all the stuff in the drawer and then some in better order than it is all stored now. That means that the grinder needs to be relocated, remounted, or whatever.

So my question is this. How do you all (and I do mean all) mount your particular grinder? Subsequent questions arising from the first - is it portable, stationary, retractable, what? Is it close to the lathe, or away from it? I have three lathes in service now, two of which will need the grinder. The copy lathe will probably not, unless I start taking on more than one student at a time on a regular basis. My grinder also has a Wolverine system attached, so I will need clearance for the long arm.

Thanks, and I will look forward to lots of answers - I hope.


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