Turning Archive 2004

New Stuff from my Lathe/pics

>Hi Everybody,

Just wanted to share a few new things that have recently come off my lathe. Some is my standard fare, but some of it is the result of trying to push myself in different directions. I'm really enjoying trying to get the knack of hollowing and here's a couple of examples.

The first one is from a piece of maple burl that Kurt Krauter dropped off at my place a couple of weeks ago when a few of us got together for a day of turning. It is probably the thinnest, lightest hollow I've done. It has a bloodwood collar that is ringed with coffee grounds for contrast.It's about 7" tall. Thanks Kurt!

The next one is piece of spalted sycamore from a tree that came down in the park by my house. It has a walnut collar. It's about 6" tall.

This next piece is an off the wall one. A piece of figured maple, bleached that sits on a stand of copper and walnut. Odd....but different.

You can adjust the platter so that it tilts in any direction or leave it horizontal. I weighted the base by drilling out with a large forstner bit and then filling the cavity with BB's and epoxy. Not sure how this one will go over? I call it Sat-Turn. How original!

The next one is a piece of claro walnut. My standard bowl in bowl routine. It is a lovely piece of walnut with some burly, curly stuff in it.

Then there's another pile of my mini's....

And finally a piece of Camphor that Bob and Sonja Lemon sent me from California. What incredible wood! My sinuses never felt better than after I turned this bowl!

Thanks to both of you...there's a return box ready to head your way :)

Anyway, this is my latest doings on my lathe....I've been having a blast out there!

Thanks for taking a peek :)


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