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McNaughton Centre Saver Problem Revisited

George Van
>I have been using the McNaughton Centre Saver daily. 23 cores later I thought I would follow up on my previous post.
( http://www.woodcentral.com/cgi-bin/turning.pl?noframes;read=49930 )

After talking to Greg Jensen, the rep from Kelton, who was extremely helpful and accommodating, (Hats off to Kelton), who said that the problem I was having was not the tool holder but the fact that I was starting the knife too far back into the tool gate at which point it is tapered and allows the tool to torque. He also made a point of the need to push the tool straight forward at the start. The blade will create the curve. Also mentioned was the fact stated earlier in my post that the speed should be high enough to allow chip ejection. I started using 500 rpm as my starting speed.

Joe Fleming sent me an article on using the tool that was very informative. It covers everything a user should know.

Mike Mahoney’s DVD shows on the monitor a lot of what Joe writes about.

I am to the point of being somewhat comfortable using the saver without fears of major problems. There is definitely a learning curve thanks to the versatility of the tool.

Thanks for all the help, George

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