Turning Archive 2004

$$$ Savings Tip *PIC*

Mark Kauder
>Many of you that, like me, us a SuperNova or other chuck that uses a threaded insert may have the same problem that I do. Many times when I go to take the chuck off the lathe, the chuck wants to come off, leaving the insert on the spindle. The grub screw holding the insert to chuck is marginally effective at best. SO.. the best way to take the chuck off by applying a wrench to the insert, however, there is not usually enough space to get a wrench in there.

Tekna-Tool offers a wrench for just such a purpose for about $30 from Packard Woodworks. Now far be it to take money out of Tekna-Tool or Brad Packard's pocket, but there is a solution that is 1/5th the cost.

Go to Lowes or Home Depot, and in the plumbing department you will find a "Slip Nut Wrench" for about $6. It is a cheap-o adjustable wrench designed to remove the large net that attaches the drain to the underside of your sink. It is a thin version of a crecent wrench and it works great.


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