Turning Archive 2004

hemlock bowls

Tony Costine
>anyone using hemlock for bowls? I've always kind of liked the grain pattern in beams and stuff, and the other day they dropped a large hemlock on the side of the road just up from my mothers, so I waited the appropriate time and headed over with the chain saw.
Tried to turn one bowl (keeping in mind the wood is very green), and the end grain wants to tear like crazy. I set it aside to surface dry, and this morning hit it again, using a heat gun to dry the surface, and trying 60 grit paper. I got it a little better, but not perfect. I know hemlock has soft and tough grain, but am unsure what to do now. Is this a job for sanding sealer (which I've never used), or??
Pondering why carpenters love to hold up painters in Contoocoock, NH

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