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3520A or X5 Lathe

Bob G.

I am very new to turning and looking to buy my first Lathe. I have narrowed the choices to either the Powermatic 3520A or the Delta X5 46-755X. I also noticed there is a 46-765X from Delta which seems to be being replaced with the 755 model although I canít find what the differences are.

I do realize there are differences to these machines but I am looking for feedback from folks who have experience turning and possibly anyone who owns or has used the Delta model(s). I want to choose a lathe that I probably wonít outgrow for a long while. I believe my main use will be for post type turnings rather than bowls. I will certainly make some bowls at some point but I donít think it will the majority of the use the lathe gets.

The costs difference between the two models is not really a big issue. Like most of us floor space in my shop is at a premium so the amount any new tool will take up is a big concern. I think both are fairly close unless I find I need to extend the Powermatic.

I have searched here and on the web and found the 3520 has many happy owners. As for the Delta model(s) I have found no feedback, just tons of Amazon affiliates cluttering up the search engines.

Any help would be appreciated.


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