Turning Archive 2004

Central Santa *PIC*

Ernie Miller *Topeka
>For thoes of you who didn't play this year Ha Ha! This is the present that I made for my reciepany Bob Hackett. It is a Cherriot plane made out of squair tubbing with Monkey Pod stufffing and a copper wedge plate. The blade is out of an ols Sargent block plane that was at the bottom of an auction box. Funny story when I went to the scrap yard about a month or so ago looking for brass bar stock for the wedge support all I could find was copper so I ask if it would work most people said yes but Bob said why not use brass and sent a lever cap casting. well the thumb screw needed turning on a lathe that I don't have and I setteled on the copper for this plane. if he would have only turned it first it would be on this plane. it is set op with a verry tight mouth. I heve a new Makers mark on this one It is a connected WM and a 2. My real name is William E. Miller Jr. the WM and the 2 stands for JR. My dad used to mark his tools WM and I thought it was only right to modify it for my mark. for more pictures go to the hand tool board

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