Turning Archive 2004

Informal Survey: Spindle Height

Mark Kauder
>I would like to hear from some of you on the spindle height of your lathe.

The old saw about the perfect spindle height being elbow height, seems fine, if you are a spindle turner, and maybe small bowl turner, but seem way too low if you do hollow forms. Doing hollow forms on a elbow height lathe spindle is a pain in the ....back.

I had my old Jet Mini mounted on a stand where I had a 46" spindle height, and liked it pretty well. Today, I raise my Vega from 42" up to 48.5", and at this point I like it - Time will tell.

I think it was Wally that first told me that he thought a much higher spindle height was better for hollowing.

I am 5'9" (that is my height, not width).

Just interested in your thoughts on the matter.


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