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Errant skew requires a sex change operation.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I can't wait to see the number hits that tag line generates. LOL

I have been trying to turn a set of chess pieces for what seems like forever. Actually a couple weeks. Being sick and out of the shop for four days didn't help any. Last night I was turning a queen and she was beheaded. Her only crime was being turned my shop by a butcher.

Today I started turning the King and the skew went berserk. It was like it had a mind of its own. When the rampage was over the the King no longer had what it took to measure up to his position. So sadly I reduced the remaining wood to Queen size.

If I can keep the skew and newly ground detail gouge under control I may get the set done this weekend. I have 1 king, 1 pawn and 4 knights to turn yet. I had a heck of a time figuring out the dimensions on the offset turned knight. I attached a link to the site where I got the pattern for the set. I enlarged the pictures until the grid was about 1/4" squares.

Dave Smith

I never knew what I was getting into when I started turning in Longview, WA.


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Errant skew requires a sex change operation.
OUCH ! Too Many Beheadings lately ! *NM*
Dave, you are B A D !!! *NM*
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