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bowl on tv this morning

>Hello I was just stepping in the back door of the house this morning and my wife started hollering at me to get in to the living room quick. I moved as fast as I could but missed the whole story. She was watching Ellen DeGeneres who had William H Macy as a guest.
My wife related that He had presented Ellen with a bowl he had turned and also talked about the process of making it and the wood that it was made from. By wife said the wood name was something she had not heard of before, and believe me she has heard a lot of talk about, wood, lathes, turning, bowls, etc in our house and she usually remembers everything. I did see the bowl on the table in front of them but could not really tell much about it. I seem to remember that there was an article about him and bowl turning in one of the wood working magazines sometime in the not too distant past.Just thought you all might be interested. By the way, I will admit to watching Ellen a couple of times and she can be very funny. Jared remove 1 for email

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