Turning Archive 2004

Thoughts on grinders

Keith Tompkins
>I have seen a lot of posts recently on grinders, so I'll throw in a couple of thoughts. Most new turners apply WAY too much pressure against the wheel when sharpening. A spray of sparks coming out of the top of the wheel is a good indicator of this.

One light pass on most tools is sufficient to restore the edge....it is not necessary to remove a large amount of material....you can literally add YEARS to the life of a tool with a light touch.

Heavy pressure, a coarse wheel, and a low speed grinder will produce a heavy burr on the cutting edge.....on most of 2030 or 2060 steels, that heavy burr will break off almost immediately when turning, leaving a dull cutting edge and repeated trips to the grinder.

I am one of only a few who advocate high-speed grinders, again the secret is a light touch and a bit of practice.

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