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Building Woodburner Controllers - Again.....

Rob W.
>I recently asked about building woodburning controllers from scratch and got some great ideas about using the high current, low voltage (+5 VDC) supply from a computer power supply as the main guts of the controller.....however, converting one of these for woodburning use may be a bit challenging for some people...

Does anyone know if there are simpler circuits for a woodburning controller out there that do not require using a computer power supply?? (I'm pretty sure what's in the commercial woodburner units do not involve rectifying to DC, electronic voltage regulation, etc. but more likely consist of a step-down transformer and a rheostat or variac....) with a much less complicated wiring schematic...

I've had several private requests via e-mail to forward anything I learn on this topic, since some folks thought working with a computer power supply and other circuitry was too complicated for them.... Some comments received in the earlier message seem to bear that out!!

Thanks again for your feedback and advice!!

Rob Wallace

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