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Well, B.G. has done it! I also just got..>>

>.>> the Bill Grumbine video and in about a week to Israel, excellent service. I spread around some shavings and pulled out the popcorn and watched. I turn for a living and I found the video very imformative. Great knee slapping humor and foot tapping background music, too. I found this to be an all around professional woodturning video that ranks up there with the best of them.

Bill has put Kutztown, PA on the map and that's no easy task. =o) For those of you that can in the US, I recommend you take a course from him, he's an excellent teacher.

Disclaimer: This was an unsolicited testemonial. I have no stock or vested interest in Bill Grumbine, LB Productions, or Wonderful Wood. I do expect that if I ever show up from Israel to take his course, I'll get a steep discount. =o)

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Well, B.G. has done it! I also just got..>>
Re: Well, B.G. has done it! I also just got..>>
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