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Shop Made Scrapers *PIC*

Randy in Langley
>I decided not to put my "Jesus & the Devil" Chisel handles on Ebay, sure I may regret it later, but I really wanted to finish these chisels and start turning a vessel.

The two with Oak handles are 1/2" Cold Rolled Steel with 1/4" HSS square inserts fastened in the ends with Set screws and the two larger chisels (with the Devil & Jesus mystery wood handles) are 3/4" Cold Rolled Steel with 1/4" x 1" HSS inserts that I made and are fastened with a 1/4-20 button cap screw to the shaft.

This was definitely a learning experience, drilling HSS is much more difficult than I anticipated.

I'll definitely make more chisels and scrapers as I need them. Most likely with HSS drill rod.

I layed a 1/2" Henry Taylor Bowl Gouge down beside them for size comparison.

Thanks for looking.

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Shop Made Scrapers *PIC*
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