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Big Brownie Points !! *PIC*

Tom In Red Deer
>So, last Sunday evening my wife says to me.."when are you going to start those Christmas presents we talked about last Christmas"?
Blank stare....memory chip kicks in...still a blank stare....oh yes, now I remember. It had been discussed but no decision.

Funny how they rember things like that!

Anyway she said I should make some segmented bowls...not enough time. We need 23 presents she says...how about small vases and weed pots she says. Something in a Greek style, but all different. Fifty Brownie points if I like them.

That I can do says I but I will have to spend a lot of nights out in the shop.

"You are not that busy at work" says she, "Why don't you take some time off to do this"?

Anyway, after I got over that shock I went out to look at my wood supply.

I ran some stock through the bandsaw and started on Monday morning.

The photo shows the fifteen that have to go to England tomorrow. The other half are done and the finish is drying.

Thirty two in all, the extras are just in case

So, says I how many Brownie points for this then?

She hummed and hawed...she knows I need fifty to get my new lathe...I'm thinkin I deserve fifty...How about 46 says she.

Oh well, at least I got to spend 4 uninterupted days in the shop. I alresdy have 3 lathes so I can wait a bit longer for the other one.

Tom in Red Deer

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