Turning Archive 2004

Turning black questions.


I notice that most turning blocks for sale are basically pieces cut from 12/4 boards prior to drying. I also notice that most of the head turning work shown on this page is made from blanks that almost certainly started out as rough cubes as opposed to “wide x wide x relatively flat”.

That leads me to ask to questions. First, how much good quality “hey look what I did!” work do you all get from the relatively flat pieces. Second, where are you all getting your stock?

Down were I live about the only salvage wood available in chunks is white oak and pin oak, which I guess doesn’t make very nice turning because I never see pieces made from oak posted.

Lastely, is there anything really “autistic”, besides pens and stoppers, that can be made from the numerous 3x3xlong blanks for sale in various places?

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