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Chainsaw Opinion - Long

Raymond Overman
>Well, not to stir up a hornets nest but I need some help with a decision. I'm interested in purchasing a new chainsaw. My considerations are a Stihl or Husqavarna and a fairly tight budget.

My needs are felling, trimming, crosscutting, and milling trees for use in wood turning. My lathe only handles 12" diameter blanks and I live in SC so I'm not looking at redwoods here. I'm not looking for everyday use either but I want it to be reliable when I pick it up.

I've discussed my needs with the local Stihl dealer and he immediately went into the carbide diamond platinum chain requirements with teeth that are only able to be sharpened if you stand on your head attached to a $450 chainsaw.

Surprisingly enough I've been doing the job with a used Poulan D25 that cost me $35 at a pawn shop. (It was an impulse purchase due to an immediate need. Don't ask.) I realize this is vastly under powered and not suited for the job. However I can't see that a $500+ saw is required to do it either.

Am I asking too much or is there a $300-$350 chainsaw that will do the job? What model? What options?

Thank you for your input.

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