Turning Archive 2004

What angle for a detail spindle gouge?

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I am doing some spindle turning which is not my forte. I got to thinking(insert dangerous here) about the performance of different spindle turning tools I have. Mostly I have resharpened the same angle that was on the tool when I bought it. I often reach for my 1/4" bowl gouge when I am making detailed cuts. I use a very swept back fingernail grind with the tip at about 35 degrees. Most of my spindle gouges are at sharper angles except my roughing gouge that is closer to 35 degrees.

I am a slow learner some times. I think I need to chance the angle of my spindle tools. It appears that having a secondary bevel may make for easier control. Any input on angles will be helpful. I am using standard issue shallow flute spindle gouges and not planning to purchase any news right now. I also use a Sorby spindle master quite a lot. I will have to check the angle I have ground on it. Sorby says not to grind the tool and to sharpen it by flattening the top with a diamond hone. That worked for about an hour before I tried to turn the #2 jaws on my Stronghold chuck with it. So now it is ground to my specification which is a SWAG.

Dave Smith

Only 15 chess pieces to go in Longview, WA.

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