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McNaughton Centre Saver Problem - Long

George Van
>I am having a problem with the McNaughton Centre Saver, the tool torques to the right while being held up tight against the tool support, causing the tenon to break and the bowl to bounce onto the floor. The tool support is as close as possible to the bowl blanks. The wood is spalted birch. The diameter is 14”.

I have watched the Mahoney DVD and Bill Grumbine’s tutorial on his web site and appear to be following their instructions. The banjo is angled under the bowl for maximum support. I have tried the tool position slightly above, through slightly below center as judged by the spur drive mounted in the head stock by cutting a piece of PVC to fit over the tool post and cutting shavings off as I lowered the post, locking the tool post before starting to cut. The results seem the same with a noticeable movement of the tool pivoting to the right allowed by the excess width between the guide post. The movement is down and to the right, I cannot stop it and then it catches, the cut seems jerky. The movement is the same with the mini and the regular blades. The problem is not from shavings as it starts as I am not able to advance that far before it rotates. I am holding the tool at the gate as Mike shows to control the advance of the tool into the bowl.

When I use the straight corer-parting tool at the same height setting and post position the ribbons fly and a core is easily removed.

I realize I have to use a maximum tenon on the next bowl to increase the grip on the spalted wood, and maybe slow my speed however Bill seems to express the fact that you can cut too slow. The last cut with a 6” core I turned very slow. About 70 rpm. The tools are sharp.

Has anyone else have to overcome these problems? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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