Turning Archive 2004

Woodburner Controllers - Build from scratch?

Rob W.
>I have become interested in using woodburning techniques to try on my bowls after they have been turned for texturing and for signing them. I am shocked by the price of the transformer based controller units, and would like to build one of these controllers from scratch. In addition to being a woodturner, I am also an Amateur Extra class ham operator and have more electronic components in my "junk box" than I know what to do with. Are there any users of woodburning controller units out there who can provide some information about what the "guts" are in their controller and how they are wired? I'd like to know what kind of transformers, variacs, rheostats, etc. are used to adjust the voltage to obtain different burner tip temperatures. Are there any schematics available for these controller units? Any help from owners of woodburning systems would be appreciated! Thanks! Rob Wallace

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