Turning Archive 2004

Ding! Round Two! long *PIC*

Keith Tompkins
>I recently posted a photo that generated a bit of interest.....unfortunately, mostly negative. Still a bit wobbly on my feet after such a beating but luckily saved by the bell! I thought it would be a good learning opportunity for all of us, including myself, if I re-posted the same piece with a few modifications.

I changed the size and shape of the beads on the finial, in an attempt to create a better flow from the base up through the finial. Although I could have eliminated the beads and coves entirely, I must admit a certain love of traditional forms, and I wanted them to remain.

Many posted that both sections could stand on their own, which I am aware of. However, I wanted to create a sense of unity between the two; the form flowing up through the base to the tip of the finial.

I attempt to create pieces that instill a feeling of movement; in this case the swirling motion of the finial (esp. note the top edge of the finial) , and the motion upward from the base. I want my pieces to reflect a bit about myself; maybe a feeling of joy or celebration. NOT easy to do.

I also shot the piece head-on, showing a better profile of the piece. So, what do you think? Please be gentle, as I am still recovering from the previous scuffle! LOL

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