Turning Archive 2004

Guess Who..... *PIC*

Harvey Meyer in Atlanta
>One of us (not me of course)has 3 pieces included in a photo in the Dec 2004 Woodturning Magazine (England publication). Mark Baker did an article reflecting on the AAW Symposium in Orlando and among the photos of pieces that are "pushing back the boundaries" (by famous turners such as Binh Pho, Bob Rosand, Andi Wolf, and others) is a photo of "a trio of segmented vessels". I scanned the page and in the lower right corner you'll see the 3 pieces. The caption doesn't attribute these 3 pieces to anyone - but those of us in the know would know who the "artist" is among us. I guess this artist will be increasing his prices now. Anyone venture a guess as to who the artist is???

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