Turning Archive 2004

Faces in the wood.

Randy in Langley
>Any idea what wood this is? I needed to turn some handles for some lathe tools I'm making and I was tired of turning Oak and Maple handles so I pulled out a 3" x 4" x 8' from my mystery pile and lopped off a length and turned some handles. Put a couple of coats of BLO, Sealcoat and poly on them and this is what they look like.

Same piece of wood just the other end of the spindle. Do you see the face?

I'm really not sure what kind of wood it is, I don't know where in the world it came from and I've never worked something like this. It turns very similar to Big Leaf maple in that it turns like warm butter, it has a warm color to it like mahogany but doesn't have the large pore size that Mahogany does and one thing is for sure is, it Stinks. It stinks when you cut it, it stinks when you turn it and it stinks in shaving form. The unfinished wood looks like pale chocolate milk, I had originally thought it was walnut when I first got it, but it's not dark enough.

Any idea what kind of wood this is? I'm going to call it "Facewood" for now.

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