Turning Archive 2004

Box elder bowl, end grain *PIC*

Mike Schwing from Md.
>About 13" wide and 3.5" high, box elder turned end grain, pith in the middle. Oriented to show the cool pattern, and a "short" bowl to show it even more. MAN oh man are end grain bowls hard to do. Initial hollowing done with my hollowing rig, then finished up with the Kelton shear scraper, hand held. It was the best tool I could find for the job, and did it well. Lots of little checks on the exterior as it dried and several in the finished product. Power sanded to 320, then by hand to 12,000. One coat of sanding sealer and I think thats all this bowl will get. I like the way it looks with a low sheen. Your opinion very welcomed on that though.

Fortunately, I have 6 or 7 feet more of this log. Think they're all going to be done end grain. Yes, I found it at the log dump.

Thanks for looking and all comments welcomed.

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