Turning Archive 2004

What the heck is a studio turner?

>For some years now I've read and been part of discussions regarding art vs. craft. Is turning an art?....is it a craft?.....does it move from craft to art at some point?.....is art elevated above craft and better regarded? Is craft strictly technical ability and art something else, something inate in the "artist"....so on and so forth..yada..yada. Of course everyone has an opinion regarding this and I don't know that any one is really right or wrong. However, and along these lines, what the heck is a studio turner? I see this moniker and don't get it. Is this some sort of woodturner that doesn't turn in a shop but in a studio.....sort of like a turner that regards him/herself as an artist rather than craftsman/woman? Is it a turner that only shows and displays in galleries? I read something recently about a turner that said he doesn't have a woodshop, he has a studio.

What the heck is this? Also, what's so bad or common or whatever with simply being a woodturner?

As Sam Maloof said when someone referred to him as an artist...."No, I'm a woodworker".

No one ever referred to me as an artist but if someone did .............yep, I'm a woodturner.

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