Turning Archive 2004

My turn to Praise Bill...Kinda long

Stan Campbell
>I received Bill grumbines video over the weekend and couldn't wait to see it since everyone was talking about it. Since I started to learn about turning ( about 7 months ago) I have bought about 15 videos from various well known turners, all of them contain valuable information. I have wanted to turn some bowls and so I bought 3 different videos on bowl turning, none of them showed me exactly what I wanted to know, I wasn't interested in turning paper thin bowls if you can call them that, nor was I interested in turning gallery type bowls. I wanted to turn a useful bowl, like a soup or salad bowl, then along came Bill's Video....Finally! a video that covers it ALL, that is well made easy to hear all instructions and clear enough that I can see what Bill is pointing out. If you want to turn a bowl then Bill's video is the only one you need. By far the BEST turning video I have seen. Bill does not leave you wondering "How did he do that, or get to that stage"

Well done Bill!

Stan Campbell

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