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Visit from Wood Centralian

Don Henthorn Smithville, Texas
>Today was a great day. Al Crandal dropped by this afternoon for what seemed like an
awful short visit, but I had a good time discussing turning and showing off past projects.
I was able to show Al my converted Jet mini and show how slow I can slow it down to.
Al is an easy guy to relate to and a lot of fun to talk to. His background as a tool and
diemaker makes for interesting talk and he gave me some helpful hints in dealing with a
lawnmower carb problem I am having. He also brought along the guts of his captured
tool system for hollow turningss and he allowed me to take pictures and also gave me
some sketches which will make it easy to make my own when I get the time. All in all I
really enjoyed the visit and I forgot to tell Al he is welcome to drop in any time he is in
the area as long as I am still in Texas.

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Visit from Wood Centralian
Drats!! Spelled yout name wrong, Al.
Thanks for your time, Don.
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