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A few walnut bowls

Dave MacLuskie
>I finally got off my duff and made the compression jig/chuck thing. Bill's video inspired me. I've had these bowls sitting around and was dreading turning off the tenons.

I'll get a few pics of jig/chuck up soon. I had to rethink a few times to get it on the Jet 1236 sice the motor is stupidly placed right in the way of where the wing nuts want to be.

Anyway, a pair of walnut bowls from a 100+ year old black walnut tree taken down a few months ago. It one of many from the old Denbigh Plantation here in Newport News, Virginia. The tree was massive and in good health, but right next to a house and the older couple who live there were worried about it falling I think, plus it makes a huge mess of the whole yard they they have a hard time keeping up with. The grain is really tremendous looking, even on "straight grain" sections of the truck.

These were both turned thin (1/4" for the big bowl, and a bit less for the smaller one) and allowed to warp. I was impatient and wanted results!

The large one is 8 to 8.5" diamater. (It moved a lot and warpled quite nicely!) and about 3.5" tall. The smaller one is 6" across the top and a bit over 2" tall. Both are finshed with Watco natural and buffed.

The large bowl was given the owners as a thank you for the truck load of wood.

The small one has a knot which warped part way out, but didn't come loose. I can't decide if I like the feature or not.

- Dave

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A few walnut bowls
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