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Which white grinding wheel?

Ken Platt (Granby, CT)
>Folks -

Grinding wheel selection has gotten mentioned quite a bit, but it's usually which grit or color. I'm finding that even within one type there is such a difference in prices that I thought I'd see if anyone knew what the differences are in the wheels themselves.

I've been using a 120 grit pink wheel, but am tired of how rapidly it loads and needs dressing.

So I was going to try a white wheel, perhaps 100 grit for a bit faster grinding. The prices in my favorite catalogs vary from Lee Valley at $30 to Packard at $50 to Craft Supplies at $65. They all appear to be made by Norton, but the CS wheel is "32A White", and the Packard and LV are said to be made to their specifications.

Anyone know what the differences are that make for these prices? Will a lower usage turner like me notice any difference? Any other recommendations for sources for the white wheels?

Thanks -


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