Turning Archive 2004

Tool rest

John Lucas
>I need to build a new tool rest for my Powermatic. When I'm doing ornament finials I need to wrap my hand around the tool rest and push on the finial to keep the chatter under control. The powermatic tool rest keeps my tool close to the work but it's so thick I can't get my hand around it.

My Bestwood tool rest is thin enough to wrap my hand around but the tool hangs over the rest about 1/2" or more. Not bad on 3/8" tools but 1/4" tools will try to vibrate.

It's not unusable. I turned 12 finials today but it sure would be easier with the right tool rest.

I think I need something like the Oneway rest that comes with the 1224. It's angled so the tool rests very close to the work but is thin enough to get your hand around. Does that have a 1" tool post? Does anyone have a better idea?

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