Turning Archive 2004

Some purdy wild cherry *PIC*

Andy Halterman: Fixin' to ride soon
>Found this small croch piece of pin cherry at the bottom of my "to be split" firewood pile. Busted it in half with the splitter and decided it was just to nice to burn. This piece was sitting near the ground under a whole bunch of wood for about eight months. Most of the stuff near the bark was fairly far gone so my idea of a natural edge naturally wouldn't work. I dried it using my own alcohol method. I turned it for a bit, went upstairs and drank half a bottle of red wine and three PBR tall boys. After those I was sufficiently shnockered that the bowl looked dry enough to finish out. :-) Neat thing about this wood is that it smells like candy when you are turning it. Of coures, I may have been too far gone to tell what it really smelled like......

Dimensions are 5 1/2 wide by about 2 inches tall. I really just wanted to share the pretty wood with y'all. Extra credit given for creatively trashing my work. :-) By the way, I still have the other half.

Andy Halterman

Suffering from an apple pie hangover in Hendersonville, NC

ps I was just kidding about the beer/wine thing so please don't take that seriously

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