Turning Archive 2004

Drying and distortion

Fred in NC
>This might be the dumb question of the century...

I understand that drying with alcohol saves time and prevents a lot of cracking, but in some cases there is some distortion, ie. the rough turned blank takes more or less of an oval shape.

Now, here comes the dumb part . . .

Since the rough turned bowls will dry so much faster, can we prevent the distortion also? A hole in a thick piece of plywood to fit the rim?

I know this would not be practical if we had to wait several months for the drying process, especially if you had 50 bowls on the racks, taking a lot of space and lots of plywood. But for a few bowls at a time it might become more practical.

Now, this is for all you highly skilled turners who can turn anything out of wood. Please turn a wood dunce cap and send it to me!

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