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more grumbine video

Tony Costine
>Before I bought my lathe I was in a position to watch the Del Stubbs video about 37 times (washing, sanding, washing, priming, painting and painting about 40 old, dark, greasy, smoke covered kitchen cab doors. Thank God the homeowner had good taste in shop video!) anyway, I watched that and read the Raffan books over and over, and proceeded to teach myself as best I could.
Today Bill Grumbine's DVD came in the mail (fast service, thanks!), and I just finished watching it for the first time. I'd recommend this DVD/video wholeheartedly as a teaching tool for all but the most advanced (and jaded?!) turner.
If I had that video before I started, I'd be a better turner now--and (shameless plug, but speaking as someone who was juried into the League of NH Craftsmen after 2 years--conditionally accepted after the first year)--I don't think I'm that bad now.
But, Bill, thank you. I'll be a better turner tomorrow, and a much better turner next week, and so on!
Great stuff, great job, thank you so much!
Only thing: I thought we were going to see some of the bowl coring being done?

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