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Lathe Upgrade Question

Tony in VA
>I am looking to upgrade my current lathe (a Jet mini-lathe...not a new variable speed) and was looking for the board's opinion. I currently turn pens, bottle stoppers and other small items but would like to move up to bowls, platters, etc. Here is what I am thinking. I believe I can spend around $2,000 without sleeping in the doghouse for the rest of the foreseeable future. That being the case, I was thinking of either the Oneway 1224, the Jet 1642, or the Nova DVR 3000. I have already promised my Jet mini to a friend so would not have that once I got the new one. My initial thinking was to get the Oneway which would give me a bit more in capability in both bed length and bowl capacity and would be my longtime mini lathe understanding that later on (several years later) I could get a big lathe. The other option is the Jet 1642 or the Nova DVR 3000. They are a bit bigger but I am wondering if I would outgrow either of these. If that was the case I would be better off getting the Oneway 1224 now and wait for the big lathe later. This is a rather disjointed message but maybe some of you could make sense of what I am trying to do and give me some advice. The other factor is that I am in the Marine Corps and move frequently. We have aweight limit which I alreay exceed by approx 7,000 pounds due to the rest of my workshop so weigt is a factor for me as well being that I have to move the difference myself in order to not incur governmetn moving expenses. My dad always taught me to buy the best you can afford so that is why I'm looking at the long run regarding the lathes. I have been turning with my Jet mini for several years now and know that I am hooked so am looking to spend for the future.

I know you can turn pens and other small items on the bigger lathes but do you all do that or do you have a small lathe for smaller work?

If it came down to the Nova or the Jet 1642, which one do you like and why?

I appreciate any and all feedback.

Regarding my turning ambitions, I want to still turn the small stuff but want to expand to some bigger bowls, platters, etc.


Tony Kennick in VA

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