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Need some info please PM 3520 owners

Jay Kilpatrick in TX
I've been diligent but I can't seem to find the PM Owners group website (is there one?) or any pertinent info on this topic. So...here's my quandary:

I've only got one accessible 220v outlet. Its the 4 wire outlet for the dryer which resides in the utility room adjoining the garage. I do not want to add an additional line for an outlet and will not even consider it. Because I move every 3 years I refuse to have to add one in near every home I'll live in. Okay, now that that's out of the way.

Is it safe to rewire the PM3520 so that it can be powered via a 4 wire single phase 220v outlet designed for the clothes dryer? I'd just buy a 4 wire kit off the shelf and probably use a 12 ga. industrial extension cord for wiring it up.

This train of thought has plagued me since Tony Reynolds in Newark, Ohio reminded me of my visit to his house last year to look at his used NOVA 3000. Then I went to the recent Woodturners of Northern Texas meeting and saw their club machine (PM3520). The demonstrator is also a local distributor and offers club members a price even Bob Ackerman would have trouble beating. So if I can rewire a Mustard Monster to fit the description above, then I'm about 75% sure its "Merry Christmas to Me!" What say you oh great turning collective?


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