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Novice Wood Treatment Question

Randy in Langley
>I have a number (~20) of spalted and some punky pieces of silver maple that were just milled. The "group" of us decided not to send these 9/4 slabs to the kiln for drying, so I have cut them up in to 12" x 12" x 2 1/4" chunks for turning platters and such.

I bought a bottle of Polycryl today with the intentions of reinforcing the wood fibers for turning.

What would you do with these pieces? Would you cut them all in to 12" round turning blanks and treat them with Polycryl? Would you leave them square? Would you go through the alcohol soak process? Would you use PEG?

Any input and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Novice Wood Treatment Question
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Not a fan of Polycryl.
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