Turning Archive 2004

Alcohol Trials

Stuart Johnson
>It was a week ago last night that we had the chat session devoted to alcohol drying.

How many of you have now tried it? I roughed out a 12"x4"x 5/8" Cottonwood bowl on Nov.16 (the day after the chat session). It was so green I had to keep stopping to wipe off my face shield and still need to clean up the rust on the ways.

It was soaked for 12 hours, wrapped up properly in a brown paper sack. It was soaked for 12 hours because I just couldn't imagin it being finished in 2. I'll give that a try another time. I weighed it prior to soaking and again after. I was surprised because I thought it would weigh less after soaking but that wasn't the case.

The first day it had a very significant weight loss but immediately started to slow down. The last couple days it has been 2 to 3 oz. a day but this morning was only 1 oz. I also noticed it no longer felt cool to the touch. My scale is an old kitchen scale and is probably not that accurate so I'll wait to finish turn at least a week after I stop seeing any weight loss.

So far there hasn't been any warping and from what I can see no cracking at least on the inside. The outside might be another story.

I haven't turned Cottonwood before so I don't know how prone it is to cracking and warping. So if it is a very stable wood this might not be the best test.


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