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Small Natural Edge Maple Burl Hollow Form *PIC*

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA
>Hello Everyone,

Here are some pictures of a small maple burl hollow form I turned on Sunday. I've been on this "natural edge hollow form kick" for a while now. I feel it takes the aspects of two of my favorite techniques and combines them in one.

When I first cut up the blank, I was sort of disappointed at the grey color of the wood. Aside from some spalt lines, it didn't look very promising. It wasn't until I started turning that the figure appeared. This blank had it all! Ambrosia maple coloring, beetle holes, streak (or "rays") and fiddle-back/birds eye grain.

While turning to final shape, I kept on narrowing the base to avoid my past mistake of making the base too large (in relationship to the rough opening). Do you think I've accomplished this?

Maple burl hollow form Specs:

Largest Dia.: 4 1/2"

Rough Opening Dia.: 3 1/2"

Height: 5 1/2"

Wall thickness: 3/16"

Base dia.: 2 1/4"

Sanding Method: Sanded to 12,000 Grit.

Finish: Watco's Danish Oil

Final: Buffed with Beall Buffing System

Thanks for viewing!

See ya around,

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