Turning Archive 2004

A new lathe via Fred Ritter *PIC*

Jim R
>Recently Fred posted his Jet 1442 for sale in N. Carolina since he was moving to Okla. I told him if he had to bring it I would take since a drive from Clarksville, Arkansas to Okla was a lot better than to NC. Since he was driving and passed within 3 miles of my house he showed up sunday morning with it. He helped me set it up and we spent about 3 hours talking pen turning. We even shared a Southern Blonde - for you non-southerners that is a pale ale by the Diamond Brewery in Little Rock. We exchanged a few pieces of wood and had an enjoyable afternoon. Fred is a quality young man that I am proud to call a new friend. We all also need to be proud of him as an Apache chopper pilot in Afghanistan. He is now on to bigger helicopters.
So, fred, this is the piece of Osage Orange you left. You know what I have been working with for the past 25 years and running the Jet is like running a, well a jet. Thanks for all your help and the pleasant Sunday afternoon.

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